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15th International ACM Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI)

September 18-21, 2023, Ingolstadt, Germany

1st ACM International Workshop
"Cognitively-enabled Technologies for In-Vehicle Assistance Systems"



Recent years have seen the introduction of "driver assistance systems," or ADAS, in nearly every new model of car. These systems help drivers in a number of ways, as is evident from years of experience, which includes warning drivers in the event of an alert, reducing driver stress, and so on. Due to a lack of trust between driver-vehicle automation, research into technologies that ensure not only safety standards, but also caring for comfort and personalization parameters of a user, remains necessary. To get there, we need in-vehicle assistance systems equipped with cognitively-enabled technologies. Once widely adopted, these systems will improve people's confidence in their automobiles. This is why modern advancements may inspire a societal shift toward automating more tasks and placing greater trust in machines.

Goals and Topic

The primary goal of this workshop is to open up a discussion amongst scholars and specialists in the automobile industry about the following issues:

  • Solutions for the next generation of sophisticated driver assistance systems that focus on the user

  • The value of people in user-centered design

  • Research on "users" and "usability"

  • Studies of user-focused approaches

  • Barriers to ADAS uptake by end users

  • Ascertaining how open users are to adopting innovative ADAS systems

  • User-Technology Interaction (UTI)

  • User-friendly approach to ADAS function enhancement

  • Technologies for in-vehicle driver assistance

  • Cognitively enabled technology focuses on human needs

Meet The Team

Partner Organizations

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