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IEEE 4th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Future Electric Transportation

July 31 - August 03, 2024
Hyderabad, India

(Authors from outside India: Remote
Authors from India: In-person)



Special Session on

"Mobility for All" (M4A)

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The motive behind "Mobility for All" is to ensure equitable and inclusive access to transportation and mobility solutions for all individuals, regardless of their social or economic backgrounds. The focus is on creating a transportation system that is accessible, affordable, safe, and reliable, addressing the diverse needs of people in various communities. The motive recognizes that reliable and efficient mobility plays a vital role in enabling individuals to access education, employment, healthcare, and other essential services. It aims to break down barriers and eliminate disparities by providing equal opportunities for everyone to move freely and independently.


"Mobility for All" emphasizes the importance of accessible transportation options for people with disabilities, seniors, low-income communities, and other marginalized groups who may face mobility challenges. This includes ensuring barrier-free infrastructure, accessible vehicles, multimodal transportation, and supportive services that cater to diverse needs. Additionally, the motive recognizes the significance of sustainable transportation solutions that reduce carbon emissions and promote a healthier environment in a way to foster the way of UN SDGs. It encourages the adoption of clean energy vehicles, public transportation systems, walking and cycling infrastructure, and the integration of technology for efficient route planning and ride-sharing.


The overall objective of "Mobility for All" is to create a society where transportation is not a barrier, but an enabler of opportunities, social inclusion, and economic growth. It calls for collaborative efforts and partnerships among government agencies, private sectors, advocacy groups, and communities to implement inclusive policies, invest in infrastructure, and innovate in mobility solutions, ultimately making transportation accessible and affordable for all. The session would give useful insights for mainstreaming mobility for all.

Topics of Interests

  • Equitable and inclusive transportation

  • Demographic concerns (Education, Social, Political, Economic, etc.)

  • Safe and sustainable mobility

  • Impact of healthcare in transportation

  • Infrastructure, planning, policy, and design

  • Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles

  • Smart cities

  • Green transportation initiatives

  • Shared and ride-sharing services

  • Community engagement

Paper Submission Information

Important Dates:

Paper Submission Deadline (maximum 6 pages including references): March 15, 2024

Date of Intimation: April 25, 2024

Final Manuscript Submission Deadline: June 15, 2024

Date of Conference: July 31 - August 03, 2024

Submission Link:  (Select SS3 - Mobility for All)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

[1] What is the format of paper submission?

- Kindly go to : for more about paper format. 


[2] Will papers presented at special sessions be published in IEEE Xplore as well?

- All the accepted, registered and presented papers will be published in IEEE Xplore, which is Scopus-indexed.

[3] What about registration fees?

- Kindly go to : for more on registration fees. 

[4] Are paper presented in the special sessions considered for IEEE journals/transactions?

- Yes. All the paper presented at the special session are further considered for IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications. Impact Factor: 4.40, Q1

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