Conference Papers

[C13] Ankit R Patel, Dhaval R. Vyas, and Rajesh S. Patel. "Making Resilient Transition Towards Net-Zero Freight Transport Process Through Socio-Economic, Regulatory, and Political Factors: Case Study of Mahesana City in India", 9th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight (IWSRF), University of Cambridge and Online, Cambridge, UK, December 12-14, 2022. (Accepted)

[C12] Ankit R Patel, Giovanni Tesoriere, and Tiziana Campisi. "Users' Socio-Economic Factors to Choose Electromobility for Future Smart Cities", 22nd International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA), Malaga, Spain, July 4-7, 2022, pp. 331-344. [doi:] 

[C11] Ankit R Patel, Gargi Trivedi, Dhaval R Vyas, Adriana-Simona Mihaita, and Padmanaban Sanjeevikumar. "Framework for User-Centered Access to Electric Charging Facilities via Energy-Trading Blockchain", 24th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC), Okayama, Japan, Dec. 14-16, 2021, pp. 1-6. [doi:] 

[C10] Ankit R Patel, Flora Ferreira, Sergio Monteiro, Ana Carolina Silva, Wolfram Erlhagen, and Estela Bicho. "Prediction of Attitudes Towards Human-Centred Cognitive Vehicles Aware of Their Users' Routines and Preferences", 6th IEEE International Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI), Naples, Italy, Sept. 6-9, 2021, pp. 194-199. [doi:]

[C9] Ankit R Patel, Flora Ferreira, Sergio Monteiro, and Estela Bicho. "Global Implications of Human Tendencies Towards Automated Driving and Human Driver Availability in Autonomous Vehicles", 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020, pp. 179-192. [doi:]

[C8] Flora Ferreira, Weronika Wojtak, Wolfram Erlhagen, Paulo Vicente, Ankit R Patel, Sergio Monteiro, and Estela Bicho. "A Dynamic Neural Model for Endowing Intelligent Cars with the ability to Learn Driver Routines: Where to go, When to arrive and How long to stay there?", 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Workshop on Cognitive Vehicles, Macau, China, 2019, pp. 15-18. [doi:]
(Best Poster Paper Award)

[C7] Ankit R Patel, Sahar Azadi, Mohammad Hossein Babaee, Nafiseh Mollaei, Kalpesh L Patel, and Dhirendra R Mehta. "Significance of Robotics in Manufacturing, Energy, Goods and Transportation Sector in Internet of Things (IoT) Paradigm", 4th International Conference on Computing, Communication, Control and Automation (IC3A), Pune, India, 2018, pp. 1-4. [doi:]

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[C5] Dhaval R Vyas, Jyoti Ohri, and Ankit R Patel. "Comparison of Conventional and Fuzzy Based Sliding Mode PID Controller for Robot Manipulator", 2013 IEEE Conference on Individual and Collective Behaviors in Robotics (ICBR), Sousse, Tunisia, 2013, pp. 115-119. [doi:]

[C4] Ankit R Patel, Mahesh A Patel, and Dhaval R Vyas. "Modeling and Analysis of Quadrotor using Sliding Mode Control", 44th IEEE Southeastern Symposium on System Theory (erstwhile SSST, now SoutheastCon), Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 2012, pp. 111-114. [doi:]

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[C2] Ankit R Patel, Ankit A Patel, Mahesh A Patel, and Dhaval R Vyas. "Variational Analysis Approach and its Applications to Robotics", IEEE International Conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems (RAICS), Trivandrum, India, 2011, pp. 196-199. [doi:]

[C1] Ankit A Patel and Ankit R Patel. "Modeling of Hybrid Dynamical Systems - An Approach to Solve Complex Power Electronic Circuits", 3rd IEEE International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology (ICETET), Goa, India, 2010, pp. 418-421. [doi:]