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2018 - To date


User Expectations and Needs Regarding Personalized Intelligent Vehicles 

Advances in the automotive industry are changing the relationship between cars and drivers. Advanced driver assistant systems, such as navigation systems, advanced cruise control, collision avoidance systems, and other safety systems, are now common and assist the driver in controlling the car. Smart key fobs have made getting in and starting the car almost effortless: the fob can be left in the pocket and the doors will unlock when a driver/user approaches the car and simply touches the door handle. This is a level of personalization and convenience that is almost standard today. The research presented here brings a new perspective on personalization and driver assistance systems.

Team Members
Team Members

Electromobility: A Viable Transportation Solution for Sustainable Future Smart Cities

As we are intact with transportation in our everyday life, we have to think about our future transport options. There is no doubt that we should provide sustainable, accessible, affordable, and inclusive transport options for future smart cities. This project has many directions in the line of "electromobility and cities".








2021 - To date



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2022 - To date

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Smart City 4.0

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an ambitious global effort to be delivered by 2030 entailing overarching global action on inclusiveness, socio-economic resiliency, and environmental protection. It is clear that not all cities will work at the same speed or have similar priorities or even the same starting point. Hence, localizing the SDGs at the local and regional city level becomes pivotal, encouraging and leading city leaders to embrace the global goals. Given the scale, complexity, and interconnectedness of smart city services, cities need integrated strategies, project implementation, and sound methods for monitoring and reporting to align to the specific goals. 

Team Members
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